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The Premier Casual Concierge Car Service of Southeast Georgia and now beyond!

We Love People!

Announcing our NEW SHUTTLE Service on Saint Simon's Island and  Jekyll Island!  

Read Announcement below!

Office Number (912) 574 7183  Cell/Text (678) 414 3616

Welcome to our 2021 EDWARD Transportation

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NEW Island Shuttle Service!

EDWARD Transportation Shuttle Sprinter Van will begin providing Shuttle Service to and from all restaurants and points of interest on Jekyll Island.  We also began running limited Saint Simon's Island shuttle runs on weekends available to transfer 8 persons at a time. 

We will run shuttle services two to three times a day to and from Pier Village on Saint Simons Island to Jekyll Island Beach Village.  We are in the process of hiring drivers and building our shuttle routes.

We are also working on implementing special easy to use state of the art shuttle technology in order to run this system efficiently. and make it easy to book by appointment or on the spot! 

This service will grow and expand as hotels, restaurants, and other points of interest sign on to the service.

Be looking for more information and announcements over the next few days and weeks!  Or inquire about this service by contacting us at 912 574 7183 or by texting us at 678 414 3616!

Post Card Announcement! 

If you are a business owner or a resident on Jekyll Island Georgia look in your P.O. Box or your mailbox for this postcard announcement!

Do you want our shuttle to stop at or near your business or favorite location.  

Email us for more information!